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Natural health and nutrition



Only one world, speaking one language under one fraternal flag. (Book: Galaxia X-9, APU un mundo sin dinero/ Author: Vitko Novi).

Science will never be true if our selfishness and arrogance persist, if we aren´t united, if we don´t tell the truth.

Welcome this is a free space open to anyone wanting to exchange information on natural health and nutrition.

I have several years of experience helping other people to heal of their "illnesses", and I would like to help more.

In a similar space I saw that there were  people that shared their problems and knowledge with others who were sick, in the Comments section.
I was encouraged by that.

Also I think to put in order and validate natural therapies and procedures, crossing information and doing scientific research to show that natural therapies are effective, low cost and harmless to patients. In fact you don have to spend a penny.

To accomplish this we are looking for people that tell us their experiences and what they know, in order to form an open group.

Please to all of you that have been healed naturally, con you share your experience please?

Essential attributes are humility and love.
Gradually this blog will be implemented  with more information.

Natural Medicine

I was taught for a period of 5 years (in the town of Lurín, 30 km south of Lima- Perú) the principles of natural healing and nutrition, as well as the therapies to follow and how to maintain yourself healthy.

You should understand that this is a lifestyle. We must analyze - if we are in a period of health crisis- that we are doing something wrong, so it must be corrected.

We  must be healthy when we reach an old age, with all our organs and faculties working properly, and die in peace.

The usage of these therapies and proper foods aren´t expensive, as we use water, earth, some herbs, cotton cloth, a piece of blanket, a piece of plastic, fruits, vegetables, cereals, starchy vegetables (potatoes, cassava, sweet potatoes).  Some oily fish, too.

It should be clear also, that there is a direct relationship between what we eat and our health. It´s relationship is real with effects in our body and mind.

I´m aware that this has been taught to me in relation to material aspects. I must say that there are higher techniques, not materialistic that are better.

There is a lot to study and improve. I am not an example, I am simply  trying to do my past following this path, we must be strong.

To heal myself I use the concepts that were taught to me 10 years ago. I help people to heal by themselves, there isn´t dependency at all.

Sharing this, I pretend to receive more information from experienced people and testimonials of good people, to compare and validate  different concepts and therapies of Natural Medicine. Also I would like that we realize that this isn´t a kind of alternative Medicine.

My intention is to help people with different sicknesses in order to gain recognition as a truthful virtual space.

What´s the wrong called "disease"

It´s a body cleansing period. Our body has been made to clean itself, but we must know how to manage this process. "Illnesses" doesn´t exist as such, it´s a cleaning process. We must let our body expel all the toxic substances formed during years of eating inappropriate foods and combinations.

The symptoms are diverse, fever, pain, tumors, cough, phlegm and a long etc. The names of the illnesses varies too, tuberculosis, measles, asthma, stomatitis, mumps, rubella, AIDS, cancer, etc. The location of the problem also varies.

The main idea is that illnesses have different names and locations, symptoms; but the origin of all is only one an inadequate diet.

All these symptoms  are due to a single origin, inadequate substances entering our body. From the food, air, water, as well as incompatibilities between foods. Obviously, living in a place surrounded by radiation, smoke, ill minded people, discarding the values; contributes a lot to lose our healthy state.

We must consider that we breathe 24 hrs a day, we are 75% or more of water, 25% of other substances. Here we see that our main food is air, then comes water, third our food.

It must be kept clear that the best of the best are organic vegetables and fruits.

Our body will keep what's necessary. Toxic waste material is going to be expelled, this excretion is what we know as the symptoms of a disease.

Look at all the manufactured food products that we eat, with various additives and flavours, consider the air and water that we drink.

Our body struggles to expel any "strange" substance, but the usage of medicines, our life in a city (densely populated) and ignorance of natural laws that governs us, don´t permit our body defenses react, so these toxic substances remain and form the so called "disease".

It must be clear that the lack of exercise, nil consumption of raw food, excess ingesta of industrial products, and unwillingness to be healthy, are ideas that we must remember.

How toxic substances are formed?

Normally digestion produces waste products that must be expelled. This is done by our secretory system, by means of urine, feces, respiration, sweating. But when we eat in excess or inappropriate foods continuously and the quality of our water and air, aren´t ok, the amount of toxic substances augments. We find that their removal is very difficult.

We find that different reactions occur, being the cause of different health problems within our body.

Therefore it's primordial to go to the bathroom everytime you need to, it's no good to wait. Because if you don't go promptly, some of the toxic wastes are going to be reabsorbed.

It's important too, to be in contact with Nature, in orther to breathe clean air and water.
Our body chooses the way to expel the waste products. The problems worsens when we have a sedentary life and nurture evil feelings.
Also when we play Nature's role, by means of Genetical Manipulated Organisms and the resulting product we don't know if it's harmful.

The same idea applies to cooking processes, microwave oven, high pressure, frying, aren't good at all. Because the food is transformed in it's molecular form to something that our digestive system doesn't know how to decode it correctly and absorb the nutrients. So it's going to be encoded as a toxic substance, ready to be expelled. This dramatically the case of microwave ovens.

It must be clear that if air and water solely, leave toxic wastes, what can I say about processed industrialized foods???

Healing and maintenace of a healthy condition

It's important to pay attention  to our food, because the relationship between food and health is direct.

How to combine food

Fruits go well with with cereals, carbohydrates.
Vegetables go well with with cereals, carbohydrates.
Other combinations aren't ok, examples:

- To mix many fruits.
- To combine cereals with carbohydrates.
- To combine fruits with vegetables.
- To combine different cereals, prefer one kind at a time.
- To combine different kinds of carbohydrates, also only one kind.

Other concepts

- All vegetables combine well.
- Prefer raw to processed food.
- Prefer your local food products.

Food combination table

Food                     Digestion time

Fruits                    2- 3 hours
Vegetables            3- 4 hrs.
Cereals                 6- 8 hrs.
Carbohydrates     6- 8 hrs. (Potatoes, sweet potatoes, noodles, bread)

Fruits:  Cereals or CH.
Vegetables: Cereals or CH.
Cereals: Fruits or Vegetables.
CH: Fruits or Vegetables.

About foods
Choose: sweet juicy fruits (proper of the season), extra virgin oils, nuts, flaxseed, sesame, algaes, fatty fish (sardine, tuna, bonito). All this fresh, not processed, not canned, without additives.

For example, raw rice is better than the white one, the same concept for the rest of foods.
It`s good to eat raw seeds.
When the food is fresh it keeps all its nutrients, highly digestive sugars, vivid water, minerals and vitamins, as well as other non specific nutritious components.

When you use heat to to cook or process foods, many of its vitamins are destroyed.
Also you must be very careful with the different food additives.
How can you eat something that you don`t know? Many of these additives aren`t grass, they are toxic.

Raw vs. processed food

Processed or refined foods have lost many of their nutritious  components. In the case of white wheat flour, the husk and the germ have been removed. The reason is that they are sold separatedly, also, the germ contains oil, so white flour can last more time. Even more, insecticides, antimycotics, (anti us too), azodicarbonamide, calcium carbonate, are added to it.
In the germ and husk we can find proteins, oils, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. In this processed form, white flour is incomplete and after its digestion it leaves an acidic residuum in our body, and this is not healthy at all. Normally we must live in an alkaline state.


The only ones to be used are the extra virgin ones. This are made by a cold pressing procedure, without heat or addition of strange chemical substances.. In this form most of their nutritious components are present.These healthy oils are in a liquid state.

You've got to know that there are two essential fatty substances: linolenic acid (omega 3) and linoleic acid (omega 6).. These areessential, because we have to obtain them externally, they're not synthesized within our body.

Extra virgin olive oil has omega 9, it's not essential, alsi it's rich in vitamin E.
The mixture of 3 tablespoons of raw flax seeds and 1 tbsp of raw sesame seeds, soched the previous night and blended until it goes white similar to milk, gives us half the dose of the essential doses of omega 3 and 6. For a complete dose, you've got to repeat the latter. You've got to drink instantly, because if you wait four or more hours it is going to turn out toxic. After blending this seeds it's prferable to percolate. And drink the milky liquid.

Deficiency of omega 6

Retarded growth, hair loss, skin rashes, degenerated liver and kidneys, altered behavior, excesive sweating, thirst, dryness of the glands, susceptibilty to infections, no healing wounds, male infertility, abortions, circulatory problems
 and vaginal dryness.

Deficiency of omega 3

Retarded growth and learning abilities, poor muscle coordination, weakness, , weakened vision, altered behavior, low inmunity capacity, hypertension, edema, numbness in arms and legs, dry skin, low metabolic rate, high triglyceride level.

Liquid fatty compounds are, indeed, affected by light and heat, so a good oil must be in dark colored bottles, and never used for fryed foods.
The other "normal" oils have been processed under a lot of intermediate processes. Though, converted into a toxic product. Additional to this, additives are added, and they're not good, too.
The only healthy oil to use is the one obtained from pressing the olives or seeds at normal temperature, and kept in dark bottles. Obtained from normal vegetals not from genetically manipulated ones.

Examples of some manipulated seeds: wheat, soybean, corn and canola.
It's not good to eat these "foods" because, they're harmful to us.
Our digestive system doesn't decode it normally, so toxic substances are formed. For example a tomato with a fish gene, how it's going to be identified and decoded, it's a very weird substance, so we generate a big problem that can cause cancer or other health problems.

A pure  natural oil is full of life, with vitamin E (anti aging), also no antioxidants are needed, such as BHA or BHQ.

Look at the people around you, is there anyone really healthy? Is there anyone really fair, good, spiritually centered?

To make it clear, we only need omega 3 and 6, that's it.

Recommended reading material:
La gran revolución de las grasas.
By: Sacha Barrio.
Edit. Norma
Lima- Perú 2006.

Benefits of the flaxseed

Flaxseed is gaining popularity as one of the richest source of essential fatty acids (AGE). Flaxseed must be consumed before 3-4 hours, that it has been pulverized.
The flaxseed flour, sold in some stores, isn't recommended because it's oxidized, this is harmful to our arterial system.
Flaxseed has omega 3 and 6, and other substances, with a good mineral content.
It's fiber and mucilage are the best natural brushes to clean the digestive tract. It's laxative, lowers cholesterol, and fighsts against stomachal acidity.
Sacha Barrio, recommends to triturate flaxseed with a coffe mill. 6 tablespoons daily is enough for an adult. 3 tbsp are equivalent to 1 tbsp of liquid flaxseed oil. You can blend it with any fruit, until it forms a milky substance.

Capsules of omega 3 are not effective, because they have fish oil and generates a fishy reflux, and there is a high concentration of oil, it is easily oxidized.

Lignane present is: antibacterial, antimycotic, against cold, rich in phytotesrogens, a powerful anticancer. When making an extraction of the flaxseed oil, only 2% of the lignane is present in the oil. The remaining 98% is in the husk. This is why we've got to eat the whole seed (grinded) and not only its oil.
The most promising use of lignane is in cancer prevention.

Benefits of sesame seeds

It has 1 500 mg of calcium in 100 grs. Milk has 106 mg in 100 grs.
Also these seeds provides a good amount of AGE, vit. E, B3, iron, fluoride, magnesium, potassium, iodine, cobalt, zinc.
As a good protein source it contains methionine, which isn't normally found in vegetals. Methionine helps us to expel heavy toxic metals.
Regular consumption of sesame helps us to have a good amount of zinc. Which helps us with our spermatogenesis, defending them against free radicals, protecting their genetic material.

Sesame is our ally in fertility, in the Middle East is called the seed of inmortality.
As a calcium source it's enough  1 tbsp  (in its raw state). Also it's a rich source  of omega 6.

Benefits of the AGE

Dr. Budwig, a german  scientist, with 11 nominations for the Nobel prize (she declares that they denied her the prize because  she confronted the food industry), she could be considered N°1 in oils topics. She affirms something surprising and bold. When we consume flaxseed, there's a greater amount of omega 3 in the skin, it's not only helps to keep a healthy skin, but acts as a cosmic antenna.

Skin absorbs solar radiation, photons to give us energy. These photons are transferred for future biochemical reactions. According to Dr. Budwig, photosynthesis is a process that's not confined to the plant kingdom.
The AGE improve your IQ. They are necessary to form the Central Nervous and immune systems, during pregnancy until the first 2 years of life.
AGE helps us to form healthy and strong lungs, too. We change from whooping and wheezing coughs to a kind of gentle and calmed breathing.

Saturated fats contains large amounts of hydrogen in its molecules, from animals, meat, cheese, eggs, butter, palm and coconut oils. The latter is not essential for us, instead, they are harmful. They leave us with a great cardiovascular problem.
Unsaturated fats have double bonds between carbon atoms, which don't allow them to become saturated with hydrogen atoms, and are liquid at room temperature.
Despite all the virtues of the AGE, mass media and the food industries are giving us light and low fat products where natural healthy oils are absent. Being substituted by margarine or refined unhealthy oils. These products are TOXIC.

(Sacha Barrio)

Please investigate about

+Microwave ovens: http://www.safespaceprotection.com/electrostress-from-microwave-ovens.aspx

+Fluoride in water and other:  http://pages.cpsc.ucalgary.ca/~hill/papers/risks-and-benefits.pdf

+Chemtrails: There is a lot of info on the web. Obviously they are harmful to us.

+Gray fillings in cavities: 23:06 mins on the video "The beautiful truth" they present this topic extensively. This is a brilliant video (thank you north american friends).
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlYin0U9qIQ

+Milk:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXCs9-Q_Rb8, there is a lot of info about this, please investigate.

It's for your health, I don't sell anything. I only want to help,  that you become independent in relation to your health, save money and go wherever you want freely.

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